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Tips To Keep Your Hair Healthy

Keeping your hair healthy is often challenging enough. it is not only women who long for thick, shiny hair. Men also want the same thing to their hair. However, there are factors that can make your hair in bad shape. Healthy strong has several indicators such as looking shiny, strong, silky, and smooth. If your hair is none of that then you should start worrying and taking action action to get back your hair into a great shape.

Having healthy hair can boost your confidence because your appearance will look more alluring and neat. You might have seen various commercials offering products that claim to be effective in gaining back your health’s hair. You can use hair products and care but make sure to choose wisely. Before deciding to choose any of them, here are several tips you can try to keep your hair healthy:


Choose the right shampoo for your hair. Every individual has different hair characteristics. You might have dry hair while others might have sensitive scalp. Therefore, you cannot just use shampoo the others use. You have to choose the one that suits your hair characteristics and condition. Choosing wrong shampoo can lead to hair fall or hair loss. It can also damage your scalp if you keep using the wrong shampoo.

Hair Healthy
Hair Healthy

Also, remember to not use excessive amount of shampoo. The more shampoo you use, the more natural oils of your hair get removed. It can make your scalp and hair drier. Wash your hair twice a week to keep your hair healthy. It is recommended to use hair moisturizer after washing your hair to revitalize your strands.


Eat the right foods to have healthy hair. If you keep consuming junk foods, your overall body, including hair will be ruined because your body don’t get the right nutrition it deserves. Important elements good for your hair include vitamin, protein, and iron. Remember that your hair cells needs the right nutrition to keep growing healthily.

Try to incorporate foods that rich with iron such as fish, vegetables, soybean,etc into your daily diet. Foods rich with protein such as peas, milk, and lentils are also good for your hair. Do not forget to drink plenty of water on your daily basis. When you are hydrated, your body, skin, and hair will stay healthy.

Hair Healthy
Hair Healthy

Do not be careless with your hair. Try to be more gentle with your hair. Handling your hair with a lot of care is highly recommended. Dry your hair after washing it gently without rubbing it too harshly. Wait until your hair is at least half-dry before combing it.

Choose a com with wide bristles so your strands won’t be pulled too harshly. Do not overstretch your hair while combing. If there is knot in your strands, hold it with one hand then use your other hand to comb and untie the knot gently.

Hair Healthy
Hair Healthy

Get regular trim for your hair. It is necessary because regular trim can aid the hair with its growth. We can trim your hair in every 4 or 8 weeks. You can ask professional to trim your hair or do it yourself. You can just trim the tip of your strands to remove damage hair as well as split ends.

Your hair growth will be promoted more through regular trimming. It can prevents your hair from breakage. You can also apply essential oils to promote your growth. It also helps regulating oil gland in the skin of your head. Choose oils that fit your hair conditions. Recommended oils include coconut oils and olive oils. Get the right amount of oil to apply.