Tips To Grow Your Hair Faster

5 Home Remedies

It is often that we want our hair to grow faster so we can style anyhow we want. Women especially like to grow their hair because long hair allow them to style it to look more alluring and beautiful. However, growing hair faster can be challenging. Sometimes, individual condition can influence the length of time of their hair to grow.

Some people grow their hair fast while others have slower pace. Some people may grow their hair relatively faster naturally. However, you can also follow these simple tips for faster hair growth:

Trim your hair regularly

It makes no sense? But it is true. Frequent trimming can help promote hair growth. You don’t have to chance your hair cut frequently. Instead, just remove the breakage or split ends of your hair regularly. Aside from promoting faster hair growth, it also promotes overall healthy hair. Split ends and breakage of your hair can lead to your hair losing its strength. What is the point if you have long hair that is unhealthy?

grow your hair faster
grow your hair faster

Brush your hair before going to bed regularly

This might seem simple habit but is effective in promoting your hair growth. When you brush your hair before bed, it means you spread the oil distribution evenly to all part of your scalp and hair. It is good to have your scalp moisturized properly because healthy scalp means faster hair growth. Use boar bristle to brush your hair at night because the shape can help you distribute your scalp’s oil evenly.

Avoid washing your hair too frequent

You might think that washing your hair frequently means you will have clean hair and it makes your hair grow faster. However, it is not true, too frequent shampooing can reduce the natural oil of your scalp which is bad for your hair growth. Natural oil is important for your scalp and hair follicles. Natural oil can penetrate your hair which allows it to hydrate and repair itself.  also read

grow your hair faster
grow your hair faster

It is highly recommended to not use hot water to wash your hair. Steamy shower can make your scalp and hair dry. You can turn the temperature down when cleansing your hair as to not damage your hair. Cool water can help seal the cuticle of your hair. Also, avoid brushing your hair while it’s still wet. Wait until it is half-dry before brushing or combing your hair. Use brush with wide bristles which is gentler for your hair.