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5 Home Remedies

5 Home Remedies to Treat Burns

5 Home Remedies to Treat Burns. Many people believe that rubbing an ice cube on a burned skin will soothe the pain. But do you know that it will cause further damage to the tissue and restrict blood flow to the skin? Instead of ice cubes, you should consider using another ingredient such as honey. [...
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5 Easy Healthy Heart

5 Easy Healthy Heart Tips to Include in Your Daily Routine

5 Easy Healthy Heart Tips to Include in Your Daily Routine. Hearth failure is now one of the silent killer diseases that has taken the lives of millions of people worldwide. The disease is now not only attacking the elderly but also young people. An unhealthy lifestyle is often...
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healthy hair

How to Know If Your Hair Is Healthy Or Not?

Having healthy hair is not impossible to achieve. It is said that hair is your crown. You have to make sure it looks good if you want to look good. Healthy hair can also boost your confidence because you will look neat and healthy as well. There are various commercials promoting hair products and ha...
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