Popular Hair Colors in 2021

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Popular Hair Colors in 2021. New year is always identical to something new. Whether it is new lifestyles, new skincare products, new makeup looks, new beauty products, and even new hair colors. For you who love to color your hair, there are some hair colors that are predicted to be a trend. Here they are.

Silver Blonde

Silver was already popular as a hair color last year. But, some of you probably doubt to try this hair color because you find it too flashy. If that is your reason and you are still curious to try the hair color, then try silver blonde. Silver-blonde is predicted to be a trendy hair color in 2021. It has a silver undertone so it will not look too flashy. Yet, it still can give you a different look. If you plan to color your hair with silver-blonde, make sure you wash your hair with purple shampoo to keep the color durable.

Popular Hair Colors
Popular Hair Colors


The next trendy hair color in 2021 is lilac. It was also already popular last year because many K-pop idols color their hairs with this lilac color. This hair color is purplish, suitable for you who want to have a completely different look with your hair. But, make sure you treat your hair well in order to maintain the color. So, it will not easily get faded. You are suggested to regularly use hair masks to neutralize the yellowish tone in your hair.

Popular Hair Colors
Popular Hair Colors

Caramel Highlights

Brown is a timeless hair color. It always becomes a trend every year. In 2021, try to combine brown with caramel highlights. The caramel highlight will make your hair looks thicker and shinier. It adds dimensions that will make your hair looks prettier. Spray the shine spray to your hair to keep the caramel highlight shiny. Interested to try this hair color?

Popular Hair Colors
Popular Hair Colors

Dip Dye Ends

Dip Dye Ends is simply coloring your hair only in the tip part. Some celebrities have already tried this hair color, such as Demi Lovato and Jungkook of BTS. Both of the colored the tip of their hair with red. This technique is a great alternative for you who want to try bright colors, but still doubt to color your entire hair. Choose your favorite bright color to color the tip of your hair. Once you have done it, try to style your hair with a curling wand. This will give you a cute look.

Dark Chocolate Brown

If this is your first time coloring your hair and you do not want to try bright or flashy hair colors, you can opt for dark chocolate brown. As it is said before, brown is a timeless color and still becoming a trend this year. Color your hair with dark chocolate brown and give a touch of lighter brown highlights for a more dimensional look. Then, style your hair with a wavy look. This way, the brown color will not look boring.

Those are the hair colors that are predicted to be a trend in 2021. Which hair color do you want to try?