How To Get Healthy, Thicker Hair

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It is understandable if you envy those who have thick, shiny, bountiful hair. It looks healthy and attractive as well. No wonder you will feel your confidence boosted when you have such a healthy, thick hair. Nobody wants to appear with thin, limp hair. However, it is not something you cannot fix. In fact, you can try these following tips to get healthy, thicker hair which can make you feel a whole lot more attractive:

Healthy, Thicker Hair
Healthy, Thicker Hair

Keep your hair healthy. It is impossible to have thick, shiny, silky hair if it is not healthy. You can fake the look of your hair to look healthy. However, it will only last temporarily. That’s why you should invest in beneficial habits that good for your hair such as having balanced diet, applying essentials oils to your scalp, brushing your hair gently, use silk pillow case, etc. Those habits need to be adopted as soon as possible if you want your hair growth to be high quality.

Choose the right shampoo.

It is important to use the right shampoo according to your hair condition. If you want to have hair that looks thicker, you can try a thickening shampoo and conditioner. There are shampoos with thickening and volumizing effects to choose. Make sure to choose the one that suits your hair characteristics and conditions as to not make any damage.

Choose the right haircut.

Trimming your hair especially the breakages and split ends is important to keep your hair healthy. If you want your hair to look thicker, choose the right haircut because it can affect your look. however if you have thin hair, try to cut it to short or medium length. If your thin hair and grow it long, it will look stringy and limp. Short or medium bobs are highly recommended.

Healthy, Thicker Hair
Healthy, Thicker Hair

If your hair doesn’t look healthy or thick due to hair loss or hair fall, find the right solution. It is highly advised to search for the cause beforehand. If your hair fall is due to too much stress, you can find solution to overcome the stress first.  Right kind of food is also important for our hair and scalp, see

Relaxation through scalp massage can be one of the best ways to reduce stress as well as promote your hair growth. You can also try making natural packs for your hair made from natural ingredients you can find at home. You can give your hair a natural spa treatment at home using Aloe Vera paste which promote your hair growth.