5 Superfoods to Boost Healthy and Gorgeous Hair

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Healthy and glowing hair is a dream that everyone wants to carve for. Though many products in the market claim to boost the health of your hair, there will be nothing to compare to superfoods. You need to know that some foods out there are believed to improve hair health and make it look more beautiful. Consuming the following superfoods is claimed by experts to be beneficial the most to your hair growth.

#1. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are not only perfect to be served on Thanksgiving but they should also be included on your daily menu. Either they are roasted, sauteed, baked, or steamed, these orange root veggies are delicious and highly nutrient. Sweet potatoes are rich in vitamins A, C, and E that will improve the look of your hair. Not only that but betacarotene that contained in the veggies can help maintain the health and brightness of your eyes. They will also protect your skin from UV exposures and boost your immunity system.

Sweet Potatoes
Sweet Potatoes

#2. Almond Butter

Almond butter is a rich source of selenium, manganese, and vitamin E that will make your hair looks shiny all day long. Vitamin E that is found in almond butter is also powerful to prevent UV rays from damaging your beautiful skin. Spread the ingredient on whole-wheat toast for breakfast and enjoy the feeling of fullness, thanks to fiber and protein contained.

#3. Spinach

Saute spinach for your lunch menu and get healthy hair because of that. This superfood is rich in vitamin E, iron, and magnesium that will provide you with healthy and beautiful hair. Meanwhile, the omega 3-fatty acids contained in spinach will boost the health of your heart. This leafy green vegetable is also a great source of lutein that will keep your eyes sparkling and healthy. Some other important substances contained in spinach that will benefit your hair and skin include antioxidant, nutrient, potassium, vitamin B, vitamin C, and iron.

#4. Oyster

Get the beautiful hair benefit by consuming oysters. Yap, this ingredient is super-rich of zinc that will aid the growth of your hair, making it strong, beautiful, and glowing. Not only beneficial the most for your hair but zinc that is contained in oyster also plays an important role in skin cell repair and renewal. Including oysters in your daily menu will also make your eyes and nails look healthier.


#5. Avocado

Not many people will say “No” for this tasty and superfruit. Avocado is usually used as one of the prominent ingredients in a lot of hair beauty products. The fruit is packed with monounsaturated fats. They are good fats that have been associated with healthy hair for a long time. These good fats are also key for healthy nails and skin. They can help your body to increase the production of HDL (good cholesterol) levels while reducing bad cholesterol levels (LDL) effectively. Not only monounsaturated fats but avocado is also loaded with potassium, folate, antioxidants, fiber, and magnesium. Consuming avocado will also allow your body to absorb nutrients from other foods effectively.